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Bryan Stow Granted Release From Hospital, Enters Rehabilitation

In some of the most encouraging news of 2011, San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow looks like his road to recovery is progressing positively. Stow is out of San Francisco General Hopsital, Demian Bulwa of the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Stow has been in the hospital since opening day in April, when he was beaten by Dodgers fans at Dodger Stadium--two suspects are currently in custody and have pleaded not guilty to the crime. He was first in Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, then transferred to SF General. After various surgeries were required to try and heal the brain, he has begun to speak with a voice that grows clearer and stronger week after week.

Stow now must report to a long-term rehabilitation center, where his road to recovery will continue. It might take years, it might last the rest of his life But it's a positive sign that Stow is moving forward and looks like he'll be able to have a chance to rebuild and go on.

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