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Giants Closer Brian Wilson: Video Of George Lopez Experiencing The Crazy

Since the San Francisco Giants began their October run to the 2010 World Series, numerous characters have emerged for the national media to enjoy. Without a doubt the most prominent character has been closer Brian Wilson. He was always a bit edgy, but now that he's a world champion he's simply an "eccentric" personality. We've seen him with The Machine on Jay Leno and his declaration to Jim Rome that he's a ninja.

Yesterday Brian Wilson made an appearance on the George Lopez show on TBS and the crazy full on display. At one point Wilson pulled out a miniature figurine of "The Machine" and was describing his powers, which apparently include ESP. In response, Lopez said:

"He knows what I'm thinking right now....that's you're a crazy mother f***er."

I really can't do this interview justice, other than to simply say check out the video after the jump. At one point he refers referred to warming up as the closer but not getting into the game as a "dry hump" and that he had a lot of dry humps this year and is really backed up. And then of course there was his discussion of the massages he received while visiting Thailand ("Not those kind of massages...they were strictly sexual).

Oh, by the way, Wilson spent the whole interviewing dressed in a sort of sea captain's outfit with his beard dyed grey (as he said, he wanted to closely relate to a seamen). Check out the video after the jump.