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2010 NL Playoff Race: Padres, Braves Continue Playoff Push

While the Giants are in the midst of their crucial series with the Chicago Cubs, there will be plenty of scoreboard watching by the Giants and their fans throughout this week leading up to this weekend’s huge Giants-Padres series.

The Braves won last night while the Padres dropped one to the Cubs. This leaves the current standings as follows:

NL West
Giants 88-68 -
Padres 87-69 1

NL Wild Card
Braves 88-69 -
Padres 87-69 .5

While the Giants continue their home series with the Diamondbacks, the Padres send out Mat Latos to face the Chicago Cubs and Ryan Dempster and the Braves send out veteran Tim Hudson against the Florida Marlins and Anibal Sanchez.

We’ll provide continued updates on the entire NL West and wild card race throughout the week.