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Eddie DeBartolo, Larry Baer & Vernon Davis: Bay Area Sports Talk Radio

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Outside of New York City and Los Angeles in some respects, the Bay Area has as many sports teams as any region in the country. It keeps us wildly entertained (or mildly depressed in the case of the 49ers), and it also means there are huge side industries benefiting from the numerous sports. First and foremost is the world of sports talk radio. Sports talk radio can be interesting and awful all in the space of a few minutes. There are some quality personalities on the radio, but there are also plenty that are just looking to appeal to the proverbial "mouth-breathers" of the world.


Given all the personalities on the radio, there is usually something interesting worth listening to on a given day. A lot of folks don't have a chance to listen to the radio, so every so often I'll try and post links to either transcripts or audio of various radio shows. For today, we've got a few interesting segments on KNBR:


1) Larry Baer discusses the Giants for eight minutes with Murph & Mac
2) Eddie DeBartolo discusses the 49ers past and present for thirty minutes with the Razor & Mr. T
3) Vernon Davis discusses the current 49ers for eight minutes with Fitz & Brooks