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Buster Posey Is Getting Used To Parades

Buster Posey is getting used to parades. Safe to say the the one he had to deal with in San Francisco would be hard to top. Only half a million people or so attended. No biggie. That's only about 166 times as many people as the total population of his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia, population still not yet three thousand strong.

So it makes sense that Posey would be much more home when he served as the grand marshal of his Leesburg 22nd Spirit of Christmas Parade. Mike Tierney of the New York Times reports.

Posey said, "This was much more fun, although the one in San Francisco was great."

Oh no! Will Giants fans be outraged at this total non-story? How could Posey really feel that his small hometown would provide him all the comforts he could desire?

Ah. Being treated by your people as a conqueror can help your cause. I see how it works. You've got to love how Giants players like Posey stay grounded and in touch with their roots. 

Posey will always have his parade in Leesburg. Giants fans will always have their parade down Market Street, and hopefully Posey too.

Buster Posey - SF Giants World Series Parade (via ToneWells)