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New York Times 2010 Year In Pictures Features Giants Celebration Parade

The San Francisco Giants had an impressive 2010 season, and after capturing their first World Series they celebrated it in style in their city. On November 3rd, 2010, all the Giants players, coaches, management, associates and their families gathered onto cable cars that headed down Montgomery Street in the Financial District, turned onto Market Street in the heart of downtown, eventually turning up toward the Civic Center Plaza and City Hall. Millions of people turned out for the event, and they got their fair share of ticker-tape and confetti.


One of the photos was considered worthy enough for to be included as one of the best photos of 2010--to see it, click here. Check out the whole series of photos from the New York Times listed in chronological order. Additionally, for celebration video of Giants fans celebrating their World Series championship, check them out here on our SBN Bay Area post dedicated to that memorable night.