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Complex Ranks AT&T Park Tenth Best Stadium To See Before You Die

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In their 50 stadiums to see before you die, the picturesque park on McCovey Cove makes the top 10 (thanks to JonDowd at McCovey Chronicles for finding the link). That's about all the list gets right.

The home field of the San Francisco Giants and "The House That Bonds Built" (Really? You still want that nickname?) does everything right in combining a modern stadium with elements of ballpark nostalgia. Home runs hit the drink, a huge manual scoreboard, and a gigantic public wi-fi hotspot? Play ball! If only they'd stop changing the name.

All-in-all, not a bad assessment of the stadium. Except the picture they have of AT&T Park is of PetCo Park in San Diego, home to the Padres. Nice job Complex!

While there are plenty of problems with lists (like the fact that they exist and try to numerically rank something that is numerically undefinable), you could make a case for most of the stadiums on this list being ahead of AT&T based on history and aesthetics. Still, there are two stadiums I'd dock right below AT&T without much of a thought.

8. Staples Center in Los Angeles. Wow, seriously? This is a nice arena, but it's not like I'd weep if I never got the chance to go here. Perhaps if it was "Jack Nicholson at Staples Center" in Los Angeles, I'd reconsider. As a building itself though, Staples is like any modern arena--a hallow mausoleum.

5. Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke. Oh yeah, I definitely want to hang around with the worst-behaved fans in college basketball. It's an experience I have always planned on treasuring.