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Brian Wilson And The Machine Together On The Jay Leno Show


(HT from Grant, the madman dictator at McCovey Chronicles)

They always say an image is worth a thousand words. It seems to apply here (see here for background).

I can't really bear to talk too much about a Jay Leno interview (Conan debuted last night. Did you see it?), but that image above should be enough for Giants fans to know it's worth it to venture forward. Best jokes and video after the jump.

SF Weekly has more on the interview.

  • When asked why he grew the nation's most famous beard, he noted "I said I was not going to shave until we lose and go home -- and we won it all."
  • His beard role models are the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World and Chuck Norris
  • When asked why his hair is brown and his beard is black, he told Leno, "Jay, we play the second-most day games in the league. It's tan."
  • After a round of applause, Wilson said "That's the sound of San Francisco ... (pause) ... nailing it!"
  • Wilson name-dropped Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy. Very cool.
  • "Machine"-related clips were shown, culminating in a flabby dude with a saggy ass in gimp gear walking onstage. The walrus may be Paul, but that Machine was not Pat Burrell.

Here's the video of the interview from Hulu. The Machine shows up in Part 2.