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"Brian Wilson For Saturday Night Live Host" Movement Growing

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Brian Wilson has shown himself to be a pretty witty guy. He's a ninja. He wants to be a crossword puzzle answer (and not just any crossword puzzle answer). He has the Machine. He has become the cornerstone of comedy for the San Francisco Giants and baseball in the blink of an eye.

Does that mean his comedy can be stretched over an hour and a half of sketches live from New York? Apparently the supporters of the Beard think so--he has two Facebook groups (see them here and here) with nearly seventy thousand supporters combined. Their slogan is pretty succinct.

Funniest man in baseball deserves to host SNL! Not only is he a dominant closing fireballer, mental assassin and fashion pioneer, he has a hilarious natural wit and charisma.

It took Betty White nearly half a million supporters on the social networks before the Peacock took notice. You'd imagine similar numbers would be necessary here. Keep on rallying for it Giants fans..

As for whether it can work? Hey, if Charles Barkley can do it (and don't get me wrong, I love Charles, but he's not meant for SNL), Wilson is certainly up to it. Besides, how many times is Saturday Night Live truly funny anymore? At least we know the Giants fans will tune in. It is their time.