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Giants 2010 World Series Parade: Aubrey Huff Salutes The Rally Thong

Baseball players use a variety of tools and techniques to prep themselves for battle and bring some measure of good luck to the field on game day. Some players use the same approach when they come to the plate (Pablo Sandoval walking out in front of home plate and hitting his bat on his feet). Others use the same specific few seconds of different songs for each at-bat. And others will wear the same underwear repeatedly.

Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff took this last one to the extreme. Huff was in the midst of a 3-for-32 hitting slump when he decided to start wearing a red thong in hopes of breaking out of the slump. It's not quite your traditional slump buster but clearly it worked for him and the Giants. After the jump we've got some video from the World Series championship parade held in San Francisco yesterday in which Huff celebrates the power of the Rally Thong.

Aubrey Huff Rally Thong