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2011 World Series Odds Have Giants Trailing Phillies And Yankees

Oh how could Vegas do such a thing! I can't even believe...actually, yes these odds make total sense. It's very difficult to repeat in baseball, and even though the Giants pitching was lights out, you can't exactly expect for them to replicate those performances again and again. Things get too random in October.

Currently at BoDog, the Giants are at 10/1 to repeat as World Champions, right along with the Boston Red Sox. The New York Yankees are at 4/1 and the Philadelphia Phillies are at 6/1. I wonder what the odds on the Giants were on July 4th, when they were in fourth place in the NL West.

Full list of odds are after the jump.

Odds to win the 2011 World Series

New York Yankees 4/1
Philadelphia Phillies 6/1
Boston Red Sox 10/1
San Francisco Giants 10/1
St. Louis Cardinals 14/1
Tampa Bay Rays 14/1
Minnesota Twins 16/1
Texas Rangers