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Joey Votto Wins NL MVP; That Makes Javier Lopez Cy Young

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Cincinnati Reds outfielder Joey Votto was named 2010 National League MVP in a landslide that saw him garner 31 of the 32 first place votes. Votto had a phenomenal season, but Giants fans can certainly take solace in one thing (well two things since they did win the World Series). I had a chance to watch Joey Votto face the Giants in late August and more importantly, I got to see Giants lefty specialist Javier Lopez come on to face Votto.


Votto and Lopez squared off twice, once on August 23 and once on August 25. Prior to Lopez having a strong postseason, he made several impressive appearances after being traded by the Pirates to the Giants. These were two of them. On the 23rd, he forced Votto to check swing so badly that it looked like Votto was a high school player facing a major league pitcher. On all three swings he swung horrifically. On the 25th he looked only slightly better. He grounded out to second, but once again the swing was incredibly weak for a man who would go on to become NL MVP.


I know Giants fans didn't have a lot to hang their hats on this year, but they can always look back on Javier Lopez's domination of the 2010 NL MVP.