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San Francisco Giants Fans Celebrate Their World Series Championship

Which Giants fans aren't ready to let go of last night? How about watching other Giants fans celebrate and revel? Sounds good to me. Enough of the idiots who rioted. Here are all the best videos of Giants fan reactions to San Francisco winning the 2010 World Series.

Someone did a motion capture video of fans watching all nine innings at the San Francisco Civic Center and sped it up so that all of it was shown in just over two minutes. Check it out after the jump (Warning: Could be some strong language, so get your mute buttons ready if you're at work). If there are any more I missed, leave them in the comments!

Giants Win It! Game 5 in 2.3 minutes (via tallbrianguy)

Giants fans at Pete's Tavern. I think the noise is still reverberating.

(via cleenex6733)

Courtesy of Bill Simmons, Giants fans celebrate before and after the final out at Yancy's Saloon.

(via 59fields)

Giants  fans sing "Lights" by Journey on Chestnut Street.

(via helainem)

Meet the Rally Pugs.

Giants Baseball Rally Pugs (via bedrock4u)

Giants fans celebrating on 3rd and King in front of AT&T Park.

 (via esquirejay)

Giants fans in the Haight TPing up the district.

giants fans on haight street (via chamoisthedog)

Giants fans in front of City Hall (and cameos from Gavin Newsom and Giants diehard Ashkon Davaran).

INSANE Giants Victory Party - San Francisco - November 1, 2010 (via concertkid)

Four fans celebrating together.

SF Giants Win the 2010 World Series: Reaction Video (via html5able)

A pretty impressive Tim Lincecum lookalike celebrating with Giants fans. Or maybe Timmy is really transient and can move at the speed of light.


Giants fans at Nova in SoMA.

(via abresci)

Giants fans outside Pete's Tavern.

(via rasdub)

Giants fans at a bar on Market.

SF Giants Fans Victory Pandemonium as Giants Win World Series (via envirobeat)

Giants fans at Gestalt in the Mission

San Francisco Giants Win 2010 WORLD SERIES @ Gestalt Mission District !!!! (via meatbone)


Giants fans at Momos Bar near AT&T Park

Giants World Series Victory (via slahham123)


Giants fans at North Beach

DON'T STOP BELIEVING! (via brandonous2)


Giants fans at Lombard and Fillmore

(via eugenia628)

Giants fans at Russian Hill

Giants Fans (via Delmonico8000)

Another four fans!

2010 World Series - The Giants win it! Fan Reaction (via PatNOregon)


Giants fans at Delaney's in the Marina

The Marina Goes Wild for the Giants (via TheMarinaSF)


Giants fans on Market and Powell.

Market Street Celebration of Giants fans with World Series win 11.1.10 (via gobears1982)


Giants fans in the Castro.

WorldSeriesLastBatter.AVI (via johnbatteiger)

Giants fans in the Mission.

Giants Fans - Mission SF Celebration (via jayboog)

Giants fans at 18th and Castro.

 (via johnbatteiger)

Giants fans at Bobby G's in Berkeley.

 (via BobbyGsBerkeley)

Giants fans in San Jose.

(via sjjff1)

Giants fans in the SF Saloon in Los Angeles.

 (via jdotcob)

Giants fans at Clubhouse 56 in Sacramento.

 (via joenajera)

Giants fans at Buffalo Billiards in Washington DC.

 (via jayspin)

Giants fans at Finnerty's in New York City.

2010 World Series Game 5 Giants vs. Rangers @ Finnerty's NYC (via djwalkoff)

Someone driving home from work just as Edgar Renteria hits the home run.

(via nevaehrain)

Giants fans on Union, Chestnut and Polk.

(via thedeviner)

Giants fans at 4th street Bar & Grill

(via bebes21yt)


Giants fans at Polk and Sutter starting an "UUUU-RIBE" chant for Juan Uribe.

 (via cityslickfrisco)

Giants fans in McCovey's at Walnut Creek

(via in8ls)

Family of Giants fans!

 (via xxuhlowhawxx)


Giants fans in Palomino in SF.

Giants won..!!! World series celebration (via Molliestone100)

Giants fans pour out onto the streets and celebrate on Irving and 9th in the Sunset District by singing "We Are The Champions."

(via soooopahfly)

Giants fans celebrating at Polk Street singing "Don't Stop Believing." (Giants fans love them their Journey)

(via drewcs)