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2010 World Series: MLB Tonight Praises San Francisco Giants

There were a lot of kind words for the Giants by the MLB Network after winning the World Series.

Harold Reynolds on the San Francisco Giants:

"The San Francisco Giants accepted their roles. The most difficult thing to do is be a bench player, especially when you’re used to playing every day. You have to accept that and be ready for it. This is a selfless team and they won that way. … This is a close-knit unit. You don’t win unless you have that. … There is no ‘I’m going to be looking out for myself.’ That is not the nature of this team."  

"What’s great is that San Francisco did it out of their farm system. [San Francisco Giants General Manager] Brian Sabean deserves a lot of credit. They were trying to run this man out of town. He’s a great baseball man and he’s had a pretty good eye on evaluating talent. They’ve done a nice job putting this team back on the map, back on top. The Giants win the pennant. The Giants win the World Series."

Dan Plesac on the San Francisco Giants:

"San Francisco did it the way they played all season long. They hang around, they get in close games, their pitching is air-tight, their bullpen with Brian Wilson is terrific and then they need one or two big hits, which they got. Solid pitching and timely hitting was the key."

"It brings back that old adage in baseball: If you have good pitching, you have a chance. San Francisco got as far as they did because [Tim] Lincecum, [Matt] Cain and [Jonathan] Sanchez were terrific. [Madison] Bumgarner was terrific in the Postseason. If you have good pitching, you have a chance to win some games."  

Al Leiter on the San Francisco Giants Fans:

"I’m really happy for a tremendous fan base in San Francisco. Not a good fan base, but a great fan base. These people are very loyal to the San Francisco Giants. Good for them."

Sean Casey on the 2010 Major League Baseball Season:  

"It was an awesome season. …It was the year of the pitcher. You saw it again in the World Series. San Francisco’s pitchers came out and absolutely dominated."

Dan Plesac on Tim Lincecum:

"[Tim] Lincecum had command of the slider. He had some blister problems in Game One and really went away from that slider.  That’s a big weapon to right-handed hitters. He throws the change-up and tailing fastball, everything running into right-handers. He was missing the slider that opened up the outer half of the plate. Tonight, he had the slider and it opened up both sides of the plate. When he has it, he can run that fastball in and the slider away. It was terrific. … He was lights out and as good as I’ve seen him all season long."

Al Leiter on Tim Lincecum:  

"[Tim] Lincecum was much more relaxed. …He had not only that slider, but that change-up. We keep talking about the change-up, but it’s a split-finger. At times, the split-finger looks like a slider. It is a split-grip that breaks like a slider. The split-finger was the neutralizer; he made some combinations where the split was dropping off the table by a foot or two. He had aggressiveness and confidence … He had the look of a two-time Cy Young Award winner and there was an attack."  

Dan Plesac on Edgar Renteria:  

"There are some guys that want to be up when the game is on the line. There is no question that [Edgar] Renteria has been there, he’s had some success and you could just feel that he was going to do some damage if Cliff Lee was going to make a mistake."  

Al Leiter on Cody Ross:

"Cody Ross should come back to the Giants. …He’s a versatile player and only 29-years old. There is a spot for Cody, he’s comfortable and he had a heck of a Postseason and certainly helped this club win the World Series. I’m thinking Ross is a player that the Giants are going to re-sign." 

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