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Ryan Michaels Releases Giants World Series Tribute

There are definitely tortured San Francisco Giants fans out there who are feeling the sweet sense of release and freedom after finally winning the World Series. Need a little music to pump you up? The Ryan Michaels Band has you covered with their acknowledgment of their beloved Giants.

Here's what the band writes about the song
(courtesy of Al Yellon of SB Nation Chicago):

Ryan Michaels of the Nashville-based Ryan Michaels Band and sports artist Ben Teeter have teamed up to convey their experience of being die-hard Giants fans through a particularly grueling post-season this year. A song and painting, both aptly named "Torture" releases Monday on the Ryan Michaels Band website with an accompanying music video.

The creativity poured out of Michaels and Teeter while watching the final games of the playoffs. Michaels notes, "When Ben and I were kids, I used to sing and write songs while he would paint our favorite athletes. Since then, he’s achieved success in the world of sports art, and I have moved to Nashville to live out a music career. Wherever we go, we take the Giants with us. Our lives went on hold when they made it to the World Series!"

Teeter’s painting personifies Giants pitcher Brian Wilson with an expression that Giants fans are all to used to seeing. Teeter shares, "Wilson exemplifies the "torture" adage; this image was inspired by his series-ending performance in Game 6 of the NLCS against the Phillies."

You can listen to it after the jump.

Ryan Michaels Band 'TORTURE' GO GIANTS!!! (via ryanmichaelsband)