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Barry Bonds Ecstatic, Willie Mays Emotional After Giants Win The World Series

There are a lot of things Barry Bonds is to a lot of people, but he will always adore San Francisco, and the San Francisco Giants fans will always adore him. It makes this official statement by Barry to Sportscenter all the sweeter.

There is no city that deserves this championship more and I congratulate Bill Neukom, the entire ownership group, Bochy and most of all the guys on the team that fought hard to bring the trophy home to the city of San Francisco. I grew up watching my dad and godfather as Giants, lived out my dream playing in the same uniform in front of the best fans in the world and I just witnessed the Giants winning the World Series. I am ecstatic for the team, the city and all the fans – you truly deserve it.

Also, his epic interview with CSN Bay Area after the game is definitely worth mentioning. Imagining Bonds running around in joy after Edgar Renteria hit the decisive three run homer is pretty endearing. Check out the video after the jump.


And if you truly sport the colors of orange-and-black, and want things to get dusty in your house, the greatest Giant of all time probably will make you tear up a little. John Shea talked to him after the game.

Willie Mays, greatest Giant of all, watched game from home and told the Chron he had to leave room after final out.

Mays: Oh, man, I don’t get overly excited about baseball, but looking at these kids and how excited they were, I had some tears in my eyes.

Why Willie Mays had to leave room after game: "I had to get out of here for a minute because I’m not used to getting emotional like this."

Here's his video interview with CSN.

That's some love right there. Here's to two of the greatest that the Giants have ever had.