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MLB World Series 2010: Baseball "Experts" & 49 States Looking Pretty Bad After Picking Rangers

Question: Who are Rob Neyer, Buster Olney, Peter Pascarelli, Eduardo Perez, Karl Ravech, Jim Reeves, Enrique Rojas, Mark Saxon, Jerry Crasnick, Tim Kurkijan, Amy Nelson, Jayson Stark, Gene Wojciechowski, and Keith Law?

Answer: These are the so-called experts from ESPN who picked the Texas Rangers to win. Some of them (Saxon, Perez, Reeves) thought they'd beat the San Francisco Giants in the same number of games the Giants ended up beating the Rangers. And of course, some of these experts picked Cliff Lee to win Games 1 and 5, forgetting of the existence of Tim Lincecum.

McCovey Chronicles took notice of this in the postgame thread (HT humm baby). Jim Caple was the only one to pick the Giants and thus earns their love, and even he underestimated the Rangers!

(HT Badly Browned)

The plebians, obeying the beliefs of the experts, also followed the flock. 49 states (other than California) picked the Rangers to win it all, because apparently whoever beats the New York Yankees is the best team in baseball. (HT wackyspat)

Congratulations experts. Your unending quest to be wrong continues to pay off.