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Giants-Diamondbacks Series To Start 2011 Is Off; Giants To Start Season In Los Angeles

One of the most curious ideas that Major League Baseball was floating around for next year seems to have been finally nixed. Steve Gilbert of relayed the news.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants will not be opening the 2011 regular season in Taiwan after all.

“We were informed that a deal couldn’t be pulled together at this time,” D-backs spokesperson Shaun Rachau said.

Had the deal gone through, the two teams would have played two exhibition games plus two regular-season games in Taiwan in late March. They then would have returned to Arizona to finish up Spring Training before resuming the regular season.

This was probably not happening the moment the Giants won the World Series. Instead they’ll start off Opening Day in the logical location—Dodgers Stadium, where they’ll get to showcase their title swagger against their now quite miserable rivals in Los Angeles on April 1st.