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Freddy Sanchez Impresses On Lopez Tonight

Although it's probably hard for a San Francisco Giant to top the Brian Wilson Movement, but the Giants second baseman held his own when he went on George Lopez's show on midnight. There was some good stuff by Freddy Sanchez (who was arguably funnier than the host) after Lopez made a lame joke about "Latinos getting a ring without stealing it."

  • He made some cracks about living in Arizona, saying "he hadn't left his house much left" and he "had his papers ready."
  • He pandered to the LA crowd about being a Lakers and Trojans fan. Heh, I'm sure that took some real courage.
  • The reaction of one of Freddy's best friends (a life-long Dodger fan) after the Giants won the World Series is worth checking out.
  • Freddy's dance moves are seriously fly. I'm sure he's hitting the San Francisco nightlife whenever he can.

Check out the whole video after the jump.