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Brian Wilson Is Now A Video Game: Play Fear The Beard!

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It seems the moment I try to stop looking for Brian Wilson stories, one just falls on my lap. Apparently the billions of rabid Wilson fans have now congregated and gathered together and decreed that the Beard deserves its own video game.

Therefore, it now exists. Download it here, and here's the accompanying description!

Warm up your arm and get ready to throw some heat! See if you've got what it takes to win the Series!

Here's some footage of the video game after the jump. Admit it, you're longing for the days of Super Nintendo and Sega just watching this finely-pixelated piece of art.

Fear the Beard - Free Computer Game (via GameSparkOnline)
(Hat-tip from gamesfan of McCovey Chronicles)

Indeed, in the game that is titled the highly original "Fear The Beard", you can play as Brian Wilson and relive the San Francisco Giants epic postseason run. You go back to capture the NL West pennant, take on mindless tomahawks representing the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS, chiming Liberty Bells in the NLCS, and what appears to be monster Josh Hamilton in the World Series. You also get to collect a few beards on the way!