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MLB World Series 2010: Giants Win, Giants Win, Giants Win

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Edgar Renteria is (likely) exiting baseball in the best way possible, with a World Series MVP. Renteria hit a three-run homerun in the seventh inning to give the Giants a lead they would never give back. Cody Ross singled to start the inning the right way, and was followed by Juan Uribe with a single to center field. Aubrey Huff laid down the first sacrifice bunt of his career, and it was a beauty, advancing the runners to second and third. Another out followed, but then it was Renteria with two outs. He slammed it after a couple pitches were thrown outside. Cliff Lee, (0-2 in World Series) was looking forward to potentially walking him with Aaron Rowand coming up.

The Rangers started to answer back, though. Nelson Cruz put up a solo home run in the bottom of the seventh and Lincecum had a brief scare. He answered with two strikeouts to finish the inning, and then shut down the eighth inning as well, giving way to, who else? Brian Wilson in the ninth. Wilson set down 1-2-3 in dominant fashion to get the save, the sixth for him of this postseason, a postseason he had a win to his credit and no earned runs relented.

Lincecum struck out ten with two walks, three hits and a solo home run in eight innings of action, picking up his second win of the World Series. It was scoreless through six innings and very much the pitching duel we were all promised in game one.

The San Francisco Giants have their first World Series win since 1958. More recap coming soon, folks!