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MLB World Series 2010: Giants Take 3-0 Lead Off Edgar Renteria Home Run

Cody Ross started things off in the seventh inning with a leadoff single after a long at-bat. Juan Uribe went ahead and singled to center field after falling into an 0-2 count, advancing Cody Ross to second. Up comes Aubrey Huff, who, to everyone's surprise, set down a sacrifice bunt for the first time in his career ... and you could not have witnessed a more perfect sac bunt, advancing Ross and Uribe to second and third with Pat Burrell up to bat.

With one out, Burrell worked for a rather long at-bat, working a full count and looking competent for the first time in the series ... but then struck out. Edgar Renteria was up next, and Cliff Lee worked him outside to start the at bat, putting up two balls before Renteria reached out and smacked a homerun into center field, bringing Ross and Uribe in for the first runs of the game, putting the Giants up over the Rangers 3-0.

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