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MLB World Series 2010: Giants, Rangers Scoreless Through Five Innings

Not much action through five innings for either team. The first inning saw the Giants get their first hit in the pitching duel, a two-out single by Buster Posey to right field, but he never advanced to second as the inning was ended shortly after. Tim Lincecum set down the first three batters he faced.

Inning two saw both pitchers perfect and inning three was more of the same. Lincecum struck out the side in the third has looked good pitching all night. Cliff Lee hasn't been too shabby either, of course. The only scare he's had thus far was the Buster Posey single and a rather long rally from Juan Uribe of all batters. Lincecum gave up his first hit to Michael Young, but it ended up for naught.

Scoreless through five innings with both pitchers on point, it's the pitching duel we were promised in game one. Lincecum has six strikeouts and Lee has fanned five. Be sure to join in on the gameday discussion over at McCovey Chronicles.