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MLB World Series 2010: MLB Network's Dan Plesac On Madison Bumgarner

The folks at MLB Network have plenty to say about the 2010 World Series and analyst Dan Plesac had this to say about Game 4 winner Madison Bumgarner:

“When I was 21 years old, I was a junior at North Carolina State University. If you would have had me go out and pitch in a big league ballpark, I probably would have had cardiac arrest walking out to the mound. What a job. He just turned 21 in August! Brilliant.”

“[Buster] Posey and [Madison] Bumgarner took advantage of the strike zone the umpire was giving. A lot of guys would complain about strikes on some balls out of the zone. Posey and Bumgarner said ‘You’re going to give us that pitch, we’ll take it all day long.’ …They nibbled and continued to get the bad or close call. It reminded me of Tom Glavine. Glavine would say ‘You’re going to give me this pitch, I’ll just stay there and take it.’ For both of these youngsters to recognize that and stay with it was tremendous.”

Aside from putting the team in position to clinch a World Series title, Madison Bumgarner has to have Giants fans ecstatic for the future of a young rotation that is simply filthy.