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Lincecum Strikes Out ... A Lot Of Batters, Giants Win Game One

Tim Lincecum was sensational for the Giants in game one of their playoff series against the Braves. Lincecum pitched a complete game, allowing two hits and no runs while striking out an impressive fourteen batters en route to his first playoff victory of his career. Lincecum set a franchise postseason record with his fourteen strikeouts, besting the previous record of ten.

It was a pitching duel though, as Derek Lowe had a decent outing, but it wasn't enough to push him above Lincecum's dominating performance for the Giants. In the third, the Giants had three in scoring position and weren't able to score any of them, but in the next inning, Buster Posey came through. He singled to open the inning and stole second, it was an incredibly close steal that will definitely be questioned in the coming days. It already is. But Cody Ross came up after a Juan Uribe strikeout and intentional walk on Pablo Sandoval, and he drove in the RBI single.

From there, it was cruise control for Lincecum, who never seemed to struggle throughout. Of Lincecum's 119 pitches, 75 of them were strikes.

The Giants and Braves will play Game two of the series Friday at AT&T Park. Matt Cain is scheduled to pitch for the Giants.