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Giants-Braves 2010 NLDS: Giants Announce NLDS Postseason Roster

The San Francisco Giants announced their 25-man roster for the National League Divisional Series and there are certainly some surprises. Barry Zito is not on the roster which is not a surprise. However, Jose Guillen is also off the roster (like in place of Nate Schierholtz) and I do find that a bit surprising.

Guillen is apparently being left off due to a sore neck. This was a man who once played a month for the Oakland A’s with a broken bone in his hand in an effort to get them to the postseason. That was also several years ago so I guess age is catching up wtih Guillen. In 42 games for the Giants this season he hit .266 but he had some of the biggest hits imaginable. Henry Schulman also points to his proclivity for hitting ground balls, which would be huge against the likes of Derek Lowe and Tim Hudson. So, at the end of the day I suppose it makes some sense.

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Pitchers (11)

41 Jeremy Affeldt LHP
40 Madison Bumgarner LHP
18 Matt Cain RHP
46 Santiago Casilla RHP
55 Tim Lincecum RHP
49 Javier Lopez LHP
59 Guillermo Mota RHP
52 Ramon Ramirez RHP
54 Sergio Romo RHP
57 Jonathan Sanchez LHP
38 Brian Wilson RHP

Catchers (2)

28 Buster Posey C
22 Eli Whiteside C

Infielders (7)

14 Mike Fontenot IF
17 Aubrey Huff IF
10 Travis Ishikawa IF
16 Edgar Renteria IF
21 Freddy Sanchez IF
48 Pablo Sandoval IF
5 Juan Uribe IF

Outfielders (5)
9 Pat Burrell OF
13 Cody Ross OF
33 Aaron Rowand OF
12 Nate Schierholtz OF
56 Andres Torres OF