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2010 NLDS: Bruce Bochy Announces Giants Rotation Options

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy spoke on KNBR 680 earlier today about his plans for the Giants postseason roster and laid out his rotation thoughts.

Bochy announced that the first three pitchers would be Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez. If Game 4 was necessary, he would go with either Madison Bumgarner or Tim Lincecum on short rest. This would indicate that Barry Zito’s only hope of making the roster in the divisional series (and maybe further) would be in long relief.

This, combined with Bobby Cox’s announcement earlier in the day would provide the following matchups:

Game One (Thurs 10/7): Tim Lincecum vs. Derek Lowe

Game Two (Fri 10/8): Matt Cain vs. Tommy Hanson

Game Three (Sun 10/10): Jonathan Sanchez vs. Tim Hudson

Game Four (if necessary – Mon 10/11): Derek Lowe/Brandon Beachy vs. Tim Lincecum/Madison Bumgarner