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2010 NLDS: Braves Announce First Three Starting Pitchers Versus Giants

The Giants and Braves have until Thursday to get their postseason rosters in order but other decisions are coming out in the days leading up to the start of the 2010 Major League Baseball postseason.

Atlanta announced their first three starting pitchers for the Divisional Series. While the announcement isn’t shocking, it’s the first official confirmation of the information. The Braves will send out Derek Lowe in Game 1, Tommy Hanson in Game 2, and Tim Hudson in Game 3. If the series goes a fourth game, Bobby Cox will go with either Lowe on three days rest or rookie Brandon Beachy. SB Nation Atlanta indicated Cox was leaning towards going with a three man rotation.

The folks at Talking Chop are discussing the various postseason roster decisions facing the Braves.