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MLB World Series 2010: Giants Lead 2-0 Going Into Fifth

Madison Bumgarner is playing an excellent baseball game thus far. Inning four saw the Giants threaten with a great hit from Edgar Renteria, but Nate Schierholtz eventually flew out to end the half inning to hold the Giants at two runs.

Bumgarner came out in the bottom of the fourth and gave up his first hit to the leadoff man, a single at Freddy Sanchez who couldn't quite make the dive and throw, but it was an excellent effort nonetheless. On the next at-bat, Josh Hamilton lined into a force-out and Michael Young was out at second with another great Freddy Sanchez play. Vladimir Guerrero struck out for the second time after that, and then the inning was over with one more out.

Alexi Ogando is replacing Tommy Hunter in the fifth as the Giants lead 2-0. Be sure to head over to SB Nation's San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles, and participate in their gameday thread.