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MLB World Series 2010: Baby Steps Come Too Late, Giants Lose Game Three 4-2

Jonathan Sanchez gave up a leadoff double in the bottom half of the second inning. Two outs later, we had the runner on third with Bengie Molina up to bat. He drew a walk to bring up Mitch Moreland. Sanchez worked him to a 2-2 count, where Moreland fouled off six pitches before belting a three-run home run to give the Rangers the lead they'd never relinquish.

They padded said lead with a Josh Hamilton solo home run in the fifth with two outs, that, followed by a walk of Vladimir Guerrero, ended the night for Jonathan Sanchez. The Giants bullpen consisting of Guiellermo Mota and Ramon Ramirez didn't give anything up after that fact, but it was too little too late when the Giants finally got a couple runs.

Cody Ross hit a solo blast in the seventh inning after Pat Burrell struck out swinging for his third time to put the Giants within three. At the top of the eighth, it was Andres Torres who hit a solo home run of his own, bringing the game within two runs. This was followed by Aubrey Huff being hit by a pitch and Colby Lewis being pulled in favor of Darren O'Day with Buster Posey at bat. Posey worked a long 2-2 count, but eventually ground out to end the inning and rally.

Two runs they'd never get, as Rangers manager Ron Washington pulled out all the stops amid previous criticisms by bringing in Neftali Feliz, who absolutely shut down the Giants rally in the ninth without much difficulty.

The Giants lead the series two games to one, and stay in Arlington for game four, a showdown between rookie Madison Bumgarner for the Giants and Tommy Hunter for the Rangers.