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MLB World Series 2010: Rangers Increase Lead To 4-0 With Hamilton Homer

Not a good sign for the Giants. The only two updates thus far will be about Rangers home runs. Elvis Andrus hit a single to leadoff the inning, and then Michael Young came up and hit into a double play. Juan Uribe handled the ground ball and launched it to second baseman Freddy Sanchez, who made a side-stepping catch and leaping toss to Aubrey Huff at first to just barely pick up the double play.

Then Josh Hamilton happened, hitting a solo home run that was far and away gone. Jonathan Sanchez walked Vladimir Guerrero after the home run and his night is now done. Guillermo Mota has taken the mound for the Giants. The inning ends when Guerrero takes off for second and Buster Posey threw him out.

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