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Aubrey Huff And His Red Thong Two Wins Away From A Title

Apparently Huff has had a good luck charm that's fueled the San Francisco Giants run through the postseason. The Wall Street Journal with the report.

Mr. Huff started wearing the undergarment at the end of August, when the Giants' record stood at 72-60 and the team was five games behind the first-place San Diego Padres. Mr. Huff figured the team was going to need 92 victories to win the division, which meant winning 20 of its final 30 games.

He looked at the thong, looked at his teammates and decided that desperate times called for desperate measures. Mr. Huff put the thing on, walked around the locker room and announced, "Boys, this is going to get us to 20-10."

Whether it was the Giants' lights-out pitching or the influence of Mr. Huff's karmic undergarment, by the final day of the season the team was in a position to clinch a playoff spot with a victory over the Padres.

"I looked at our record, saw we were 19-10 since I'd put the thong on, and I said, 'No problem, we got this,'" says Mr. Huff.

Can you make stuff like this up? Probably not. Video of Huff and the garment after the jump.