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Scoreless Through Four For Rangers-Giants

It was scoreless through four innings as both pitchers continued to play well. Cain gave up a single in the third, and the runner made his way to second when Aubrey Huff fielded a bunt that may have been called foul if he left it alone. It didn't matter though, as Cain set the next batter down on a flyout. The Giants third inning looked to fare the same at first, one out and then a hit ... from pitcher Matt Cain, singled right up the middle. Andres Torres flew out to right field and Freddy Sanchez ground out to third, though, to bring us to three scoreless.

Then the fourth inning was uneventful. The fifth, though, saw Cain giving up a leadoff double. AT&T Park struck again as the ball went deep center with the ball bouncing off the top of the low wall back into Andres Torres's hands, who held the runner at second with no outs. No problem for Matt Cain either way, as the next three up were sat down and we head to the bottom of the fifth with the Giants up to bat.

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