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Vladimir Guerrero Out Of Game Two

In light of his two (somewhat comical) errors last night in game one, Vladimir Guerrero will not be in the Rangers starting lineup come game two. Vladimir made the start in right field and his two errors were both rather costly in the Rangers 11-7 defeat. He's usually in the lineup as the designated hitter, after all, he's had the hot bat throughout the entirety of the season, but they'll opt to go without him in game two in light of his outfield play. He'll remain on the bench and available to play from there, though.

Nelson Cruz will shift back over to right field and David Murphy will get the start in left.

The lineups are as follows:

CF Torres
2B Sanchez
C Posey
LF Burrell
RF Ross
1B Huff
3B Uribe
SS Renteria
P Cain

SS Andrus
3B Young
CF Hamilton
RF Cruz
2B Kinsler
LF Murphy
C Treanor
1B Moreland
P Wilson