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MLB World Series 2010: Aubrey Huff Nonchalantly Catches Dejected Ian Kinsler Committing A FAIL

McCovey Chronicles is one of the most adept sites on the interwebs in getting the best moments of a game captured in animated GIFs. Kudos to their technological skills capturing one of the best moments of Game 1.

With Texas still only trailing 8 to 4, this play happened.

Ian Kinsler singled to second, Ian Kinsler out at second

Okay, so what exactly happened here? Kinsler hit a tough infield hopper off Sergio Romo to the second baseman Freddy Sanchez. Sanchez scooped it out of the infield, but threw it wide of the bag that forced Aubrey Huff to dive for the ball. Kinsler, assuming the ball went wide of Huff, touched first base easily and started running toward second.

But the ball didn’t go wide of Huff, who managed to snag it and then leisurely strolled back to tag the sad-looking Kinsler. You can view the play here, over and over again. Or you can view it below in awesome mini-form.

(Image courtesy of Giant Brass at McCovey Chronicles)

This picture is worth a thousand words and a Giants victory. Haters gonna Huff.