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2010 World Series: Giants Have Best Inning Ever, Lead Game 1 8-4 After Five & A Half

After the Rangers took a 2-0 lead on Tim Lincecum behind a Vladimir Guerrero single to score Elvis Andrus and an Andrus sacrifice fly to score Bengie Molina, it’s been all Giants. San Francisco scored two in the bottom of the third when Freddie Sanchez doubled off Cliff Lee to shallow left to score Edgar Renteria, and then Buster Posey singled to bring in the tying run by Andres Torres.

That was prelude to the fifth inning of madness. First Sanchez got his second double of the game to bring in Torres after Torres doubled. Pat Burrell walked, allowing Cody Ross to get an RBI single to bring in Sanchez. Aubrey Huff singled in another run to chase Lee, and then Juan Uribe capped it off with a three run homer to make it 8-2. Lee is on the hook for the loss, giving up six runs on five hits in the bottom of the fifth.

As is typical of the Giants though, they didn’t wait long before putting the Rangers right back in it. Lincecum gave up a walk, a double to Bengie Molina, and two singles to Mitch Moreland and pinch-hitter David Murphy to score two runs for Texas, ending his night. Santiago Casillas came in to strike out Andrus, but this game is far from over.