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MLB World Series 2010: Umpire Crew Announced

As we fast approach the 2010 MLB World Series, various odds and ends are being taken care of in anticipation of Game 1. One such issue is umpire crew for the World Series. Today the World Series umpires were announced.

This year’s World Series umpires will consist of Sam Holbrook, Bill Miller, John Hirschbeck, Gary Darling, Mike Winters and Jeff Kellogg. Given some of the poor calls we’ve seen during the playoffs, it is interesting to note that there are two first time umpires. Sam Holbrook and Bill MIller are each making their World Series debut tomorrow.

This is the third season of instant replay on home runs, but as Giants are aware, there have certainly been some other calls this postseason that would have been worthy of some kind of replay. In Game 1 of the Giants NLDS series with the Braves, Buster Posey was called safe by umpire Paul Emmel on a steal of second. Had there been replay, the call would have been overturned. This ended up being of significance because Cody Ross singled three batters later to drive Posey in. The Giants ended up winning 1-0 and that was the difference.

I’d imagine there will be quite a bit of focus on the umpires in this World Series. Whether one is for or against expanded instant replay, we all are hoping for a well-called World Series.

2010 World Series Umpires
Sam Holbrook
Bill Miller
John Hirschbeck
Gary Darling
Mike Winters
Jeff Kellogg