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2010 World Series: Schedule for Giants-Rangers Series

Although we don’t yet know the starting pitching matchups for the upcoming 2010 MLB World Series, we do have dates and times for all seven games. The National League gets home field advantage for the first time since the All Star Game became the determining factor.

The timing of the series and Giants home field advantage might have helped avoid potential rain delays. The ten day forecast indicates Wednesday being mostly clear skies and only a few showers on Thursday. The Bay Area has been hit by rain this weekend, and is expecting additional showers next weekend, which hopefully means no delays during the World Series.

Here is the rundown of the seven game schedule (all games on Fox):

Game 1: Rangers at Giants, Wednesday, October 27th, 7:57pm ET/4:57pm PT
Game 2: Rangers at Giants, Thursday, October 28th, 7:57pm ET/4:57pm PT

Game 3: Giants at Rangers, Saturday, October 30th, 6:57pm ET/3:57pm PT
Game 4: Giants at Rangers, Sunday, October 31st, 8:20pm ET/5:20pm PT
Game 5 (if necessary): Giants at Rangers, Monday, November 1st, 7:57pm ET/4:57pm PT

Game 6 (if necessary): Rangers at Giants, Wednesday, November 3rd, 7:57pm ET/4:57pm PT
Game 7 (if necessary): Rangers at Giants, Thursday, November 4th, 7:57pm ET/4:57pm PT