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Giants-Rangers World Series Notes: Conflicting Reports On Vladimir Guerrero's Non-DH Availability

One of the quirks of the World Series is that the games in the National League ballpark play without the benefit of the designated hitter. The Rangers primary designated hitter has been Vladimir Guerrero and the Rangers have begun figuring out how to keep him involved without the DH.

During the regular season Guerrero played 18 appearances in the outfield, including 16 starts. Over the course of today two reports on Guerrero’s availability in the outfield are offering separate options. Interestingly enough, they both include quotations from Ron Washington. Lone Star Ball linked to an ESPN Dallas report indicating Guerrero would appear in either Game 1 or Game 2. SB Nation Dallas had a later link from the Dallas Morning News indicating Guerrero would likely appear in the outfield in both games.

Aside from figuring out how to fit Guerrero into the lineup, the Rangers also have to decide who to drop from their outfield. During this postseason the Rangers have rolled out Nelson Cruz in right field and Josh Hamilton in center field. Left field has been a platoon between David Murphy and Jeff Francoeur. In the ALDS and ALCS, the two left fielders hit a combined 7 for 38 (.184) with 3 RBIs. Guerrero has hit 12 for 45 with 4 RBIs. While Guerrero’s cannon arm of old and impressive range might be diminished, his offensive skills are important enough to roll the dice in the field.