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San Francisco Giants National League Champs: Players Discuss It With MLB Network

Once the final out was made, the San Francisco Giants began their celebration and the obligatory post-game interviews. The Giants have numerous players making their first World Series appearance and naturally they’re quite excited. Among others, Aubrey Huff had played 1,479 games prior to this first World Series berth.

Aubrey Huff:
I feel amazing, man. I’m sitting on the couch in late January with no job and these guys called with my only offer and in my wildest dreams I never thought I’d be here. … The whole world just saw how we played baseball all year. We don’t hammer people into submission, we just pitch great, get timely hits when we need them and that’s how we won all year long.

Brian Wilson:
I’ve just been floating this past month. To clinch the [NL] West on the last day, take it to Game 5 [of the NLDS] against Atlanta and have to come here after a long plane flight and to nail it down as a team – I can’t say enough about it. … The GM, Sabean, he made some critical moves for us bringing in Huff, and a little bit into the season with Burrell. Tampa didn’t want him and that’s fine. He’s a clubhouse presence, he’s a pro baseball player, he’s a guy you want to have on your team and he’s kind of a leader to most of the other guys. Halfway through the season to bring in Ramon Ramirez and Javier Lopez, wow, [Sabean] nailed that. Those are two pitchers that have been throwing on a consistent basis well.

Cody Ross:
This is the most unbelievable experience I’ve ever been a part of. The way we played as a team, we persevered. They have an unbelievable ballclub over there but we managed through it and came out victorious. … Two months ago I thought I was going home and sitting on the couch, watching people celebrate on the field and thinking about my next round of golf but it’s crazy how this game works. I can’t thank the front office enough for getting me over here and give me an opportunity to be with these guys. My teammates are unbelievable. It’s the best team I’ve ever been on.

Jeremy Affeldt:
We’ve been doing pretty good all year and the last couple of years, and it’s no greater satisfaction than this right here. … For us to come in and pitch the entire game and it kind of put an exclamation mark on the bullpen this year. I think it was truly a team effort today, we had to use a lot of people, we had to pitch our butts off and we hit when we needed to and played awesome defense.