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Giants-Phillies NLCS Game 5: Halladay Scrapes Through Six Innings

Phillies starter Roy Halladay battled through his sixth inning of pitching getting a key strikeout of Juan Uribe to end the inning with two men on base. The final strikeout brought his pitch total to 108 and his day is likely finished, as his spot may come up to bat in the seventh inning.

Tim Lincecum continues to battle as well as he is pitching here in the seventh inning. Jimmy Rollins reached base on a hard hit ball off Freddy Sanchez’s glove that will go in the books as a single. That single brought Ramon Ramirez and Jeremy Affeldt out to the bullpen to start warming up. Lincecum is closing in on 100 pitches and would likely be on a short leash here in the seventh.

Lincecum just struck out Raul Ibanez to get the first out of the inning.