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Giants-Phillies NLCS Game 5: Random Stats Heading Into Tonight's Game

Jeff Fletcher of Fanhouse has tweeted a whole host of random stats in anticipation of Game 5 of the NLCS tonight between the Giants and Phillies:

Roy Halladay: Phillies can be at least a little hopeful as Halladay has only three times lost to the same opponent three times in a single season (say that three times fast!). He lost to the Rays four times in 2009, three times to the Rays in 2008, and three times to the Red Sox in 2007.

Up 3-1: Teams up 3-1 have a .514 winning percentage in a game 5, while having a seres winning percentage of 84.7%.

And of course the always popular list of teams that overcame a 3-1 (or worse) deficit to win the series:

1985 Kansas City Royals
1986 Boston Red Sox
1996 Atlanta Braves
2003 Florida Marlins
2004 Boston Red Sox
2007 Boston Red Sox