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Giants-Phillies 2010 NLCS: Bochy Discusses Madison Bumgarner, Juan Uribe, Pablo Sandoval

Susan Slusser is reporting that Bruce Bochy stated Madison Bumgarner is locked in as Game 4 starter no matter what the outcome of today’s third game. After the NLDS Bochy hinted Lincecum might pitch Game Four on short rest but that would appear to not be the case at this point.

Bochy had plenty more to say about the lineup and all the many questions Giants fans have about the lineup. A lot of it depends on the health of Juan Uribe, but there’s a good chance that Pablo Sandoval will find himself in the lineup. Personally, I figured as much given Sandoval’s monster home/road splits and Fontenot’s less than stellar performance in Philadelphia. We’ll see how it plays out in today’s matinee special at AT&T Park.