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Giants-Phillies NLCS Game 2: Lineups Release, Juan Uribe Late Scratch

The San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies released their lineups for tonight’s Game 2 NLCS matchup and we have a couple slight changes. Most notable is that Giants SS Juan Uribe was a late scratch due to a wrist contusion he suffered sliding into second base last night.

1. Andres Torres
2. Freddy Sanchez
3. Aubrey Huff
4. Buster Posey
5. Pat Burrell
6. Cody Ross
7. Mike Fontenot
8. Edgar Renteria
9. Jonathan Sanchez

1. Shane Victorino
2. Chase Utley
3. Placido Polanco
4. Ryan Howard
5. Jayson Werth
6. Jimmy Rollins
7. Raul Ibanez
8. Carlos Ruiz
9. Roy Oswalt

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