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Giants-Braves NLDS Game Four: Cody Ross Homers, But Braves Respond

Scratch the no hitter talk, as Cody Ross picked up the first Giants hit of the day - and it was a homerun. Lowe looks tired to an extent, but still appears to have good control over his arm as he limited the Giants to just that in the inning. 

And as I type this, Brian McCann hits a solo home-run on the first pitch from Bumgarner in the bottom of the sixth. With that, the Braves lead the Giants 2-1. After striking out one, Bumgarner allowed a hit to Heyward between first and second. They got Heyward out at second on the next play, but he slid into Freddy Sanchez to prevent the double play. Bumgarner struck out the next batter and we go to the seventh with a Braves 2-1 lead.

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