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Giants-Braves NLDS Game Four: Scoreless Through Two, Fontenot Errors

Is "errors," even the right term? Who knows, all I know is if I hear it pronounced "era," one more time I might give up on baseball altogether. The Giants and Braves are scoreless through two innings, and the Giants got themselves out of a jam in the bottom of the second.

With one on and two out, third baseman Mike Fontenot made a hectic throw to second to try and get the out instead of letting it go to first and getting the easy out to retire the side. The throw was high, and the Braves had two on with two out. Madison Bumgarner found himself pitching to Ankiel, where they, of course, showed the home-run from game two, and ended up walking him after working a full count. Pitcher Derek Lowe was up next, though, and he flew out on the first pitch to take us into the third.

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