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Giants-Braves NLDS Game 3 Update: Tim Hudson Breaks Up Jonathan Sanchez No-Hitter In Sixth Inning

After 5 1/3 no-hit innings, Jonathan Sanchez finally gave up a single to opposing pitcher Tim Hudson. After forcing a Rick Ankiel pop up, Hudson hit a clean single to right field. For those who don’t know, Hudson was a great hitter in college and while you never want to give up a hit to the pitcher, there’s no shame in Hudson getting a hit off of you.

Sanchez followed up the single with a pair of strikeouts, getting Omar Infante and Jason Heyward swinging. Sanchez has 10 strikeouts through six innings. The Giants will send up Cody Ross, Jonathan Sanchez and Andres Torres in the seventh inning. Head over to McCovey Chronicles to follow their Live Game Thread.