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Packers Vs. 49ers, Week 1: Plenty Of Joy Around The Bay After Big Win

It's not like the San Francisco 49ers were huge underdogs to defeat the Green Bay Packers Sunday. But winning at Lambeau Field is a luxury not afforded to opponents to often. And the fact that the Packers are a lot of people's pick for the Super Bowl while the 49ers are the top pick for the NFC West title makes this 30-22 win feel a little more special in the hearts of 49ers fans.

Let's allow David Fucillo from Niners Nation to say it best, as a huge fan of the Red and Gold:

As we close out Sunday of Week 1, we can enjoy the sleep of the victorious as our beloved 49ers took the first step in their mission towards Super Bowl XLVI.

David even admitted that he picked against his team this weekend, which for him made the rejoicing in victory that much sweeter.

The 49ers can feel even better this week in preparing for the Detroit Lions at home if they can get Ted Ginn Jr. and Brandon Jacobs back. The two missed the game with injuries are expected to play in Week 2.

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