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49ers' Will Tukuafu Opening Eyes at Fullback

Bruce Miller will be the starting fullback when the San Francisco 49ers face off against the Green Bay Packers to open the 2012 season, but the fullback opening eyes is Will Tukuafu.

Niners Nation pointed out that coach Jim Harbaugh likes his big backs to throw some bone-crushing blocks when they're in the backfield. Last year, Isaac Sopoaga answered that call for the 49ers most often.

But in the last preseason game, it was second-year, 6'4, 293-pound Will Tukuafu who showed why he got a lot of preseason playing time with a couple of huge blocks against the San Diego Chargers.

Tukuafu may be playing himself into the fullback conversation, which is great for the youngster, who hasn't seen a lot of minutes at defense. It would also allow Harbaugh to potentially use Sopoaga in a different fashion -- and having too many big bodies on a team can never be a bad thing in the NFL.

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