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Vernon Davis off to strong start for 49ers

Vernon Davis is having a terrific 2012, hoping to ride the success all the way to the hall of fame.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is having a great start to his 2012 season as he is currently tied for the lead in touchdown receptions this season, averaging 13.0 yards per catch. But as the San Jose Mercury News' Cam Inman reports, Davis doesn't just want to have a good season, he wants to be the best tight end to ever play the game.

Davis promised a group of students a few months ago at Coolidge High in his native Washington, D.C. that he will be "the best tight end to ever play this game." Though he's still far from retaining that moniker, he's well on his way, and keeps himself grounded, humble and hungry as he works to get better every day.

"I just let it come, and I try to envision myself scoring," Davis said while the 49ers settle in for a five-day stay in Boardman, Ohio, before playing Sunday at the New York Jets.

Though Davis is on the fast track, he still has to catch Tony Gonzalez, recognized by many as the best tight end to ever play in the NFL. Gonzalez, 36, has 13,552 yards receiving and 98 touchdown catches. Davis, 28, has 317 career receptions for 3,972 yards and 39 touchdowns. Hopefully Davis will have a career as long as Gonzalez as he tries to complete his visions of Canton.